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Legacy Track

Wed Apr 16, 2003 11:05 pm

hey folks,

yesterday i read a scientific paper saying that there was something like a "legacy track" at american elite universities. something like affirmative action but the other way around. basically, it was said that all major ivy league colleges give extra credit to candidate studens who's parents graduated from the college.

it was said that someone who fails the normal criteria of academic achievement would still be accepted because his or her parents graduated from that particular college.

the also said that that this was the way G.W. Bush and Al Gore took to Yale, because GWB left high school with a bunch of C's instead of the straight A profile the usual Yale student is supposed to have.

can anyone confirm this? is there a discussion on that topic in the united states? i know that there is a great deal of debate on affirmative action, and i know that, say, african amercan students allways feel bad because they consider themselves as being "affirmative action" guest. i mean, would someone feel bad because he made it to harvard because his or her parents went there?

cheers, r.

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RE: Legacy Track

Wed Apr 16, 2003 11:13 pm

Actually GWB attended a "feeder school" for the Ivy League, and so did Al Gore. They didn't attend regular schools, but prep schools geared toward getting them into the Ivy Leagues. So obviously a grade of "C" at the feeder school, is not the same as a "C" at PS 119.
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RE: Legacy Track

Thu Apr 17, 2003 9:19 am

can anyone confirm this? is there a discussion on that topic in the united states?

The schools would probably deny it, but I've always just assumed that if Daddy went to an elite private school, (particularly if Daddy has the means to donate $$$ to the school) you will have an easier time getting into said school than another equally-qualified candidate. That said, I think you would still have to meet certain minumum academic requirements no matter who your parents are.
But I think schools of the calibre of Harvard/Stanford/MIT get so many highly-qualified applicants from all over the world that they can probably pick and choose exactly who they want, even from among the children of prominent alumni.

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