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Making The Most Of High School

Sun Apr 27, 2003 7:38 am

I am going to be a freshman at an all boys private school next year. We do have a sister school so it's not like girls aren't complete strangers but I won't see them every day. I've been at the school for 8 years so I'm not new to it.

I was curious how you made your most of high school in terms of juggling 2-3 sports, extracirriculars, loads of homework, community service, a social life, and any other things that might come up during the final 4 years. I am mostly looking for high school grads from the past couple of years, and people who are still in high school.


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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Sun Apr 27, 2003 7:48 am

Get a job an start saving money as soon as you can. That's the best way to spend your spare time in High School IMO. Your social life is generally helped when you get a job (you meet new people) than vice versa. If I had one thing to do over I would've gotten a job sooner. Then again, I didn't find HS academics that challenging so I didn't need that much time to study (Public HS, albeit one of the top 10 in the state). Just make sure you pass everything and do really well on the SAT and you'll set yourself up fine for college.
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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Sun Apr 27, 2003 8:45 am

Yeah get a job. Make money, go out and have fun. Study hard, study very hard. I never did in HS and now college is really working me.

BTW: Blink are you going to Jesuit? Beware a lot of those guys are complete weirdos!! (Especially their Rugby coach)
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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Sun Apr 27, 2003 8:45 am

I agree with KAUSpilot: get a job. I have two jobs now and I'm a senior on HS. I didn't get a job lasting job till I was in 10th Grade. (I had a job for a couple months in 9th grade as a Dishwasher at a resturant) Money is a good thing to have plenty of in HS. However, I am always stripped for cash as I spend 70% of my money on Flight lessons....

In HS, I have played a Sport every season all four years, thats 12 total seasons. I go to class from 8-3pm and then sports from 3:30-5:30. 5:30-7:30 I eat, shower, watch TV, hit, social things, then from 7:30-9:45 I go back to school to do HW in the library... Then when I get back home, I do HW till about 11:30 or so and then I go to bed... Its not that bad once your get into the swing of it. I actually prefer it. Weekends, I never do HW till its Sunday night though cause I work Sat night and Sun morning.

Flight Lessons I squeeze in friday afternoon or Saturday morning/afternoon.

I work hard and Play hard. Enjoying the day that is most Convenient for me and my studies. Well, not now cause I have senioridice, A disease which effects 9 out of 10 seniors. Symptoms: Don't care about school work cause you will be graduating in a month, and you have already been accepted to college so then you REALLY don't care about school work  Laugh out loud

Seriously though, Bust your ass the first few years, you will be glad you did. my 9th and 10th grade years wern't that hard, and that may or may not be the case for you. But 11th grade is when you never let your guard down. Work really hard and do well on the SAT: Above 1100.

Good Luck and best wishes

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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Sun Apr 27, 2003 8:47 am

AA61hvy, I can't stand Jesuit lol. I couldn't agree more about them being a weird bunch.

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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Sun Apr 27, 2003 8:49 am

What school are you attending then Blink?
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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Sun Apr 27, 2003 8:50 am

Blink... I thought you were a bit older. Anyways. I think a lot about high school is overrated. Be smart about what you do. Do what you like and what you do well. But be sure to challenge yourself. Think of things that set you apart from others.

And be sure to make friends and have fun.

I also guess it depends what kind of pressure you and your parents put on yourself. I took what you would consider your typical load of hard college prep and AP classes. But admittedly I am a big slacker. Bs were certainly acceptable in my family. I could have tried harder at math and science and have gotten better grades. But that wasn't my thing. Still managed to graduate in the top 20% (would have been higher had my hs not been so competitive), did a few extra curriculars, and came out well-rounded and well-adjusted.

Nor do I miss much about high school either. There are some folks that I wish I kept in touch with, but that is a 2-way street. I miss the speech and debate team, that was a lot of fun and most of my teamates were cool people... though some of them were complete asses.

Just as long as your high school experience doesn't resemble a John Hughes flick you will be fine.
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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Sun Apr 27, 2003 8:55 am

I got a job when I was in 10th grade and sometimes I wish I didn't have to work so much (5 days a week most of the time) and going out with my friends. Sure the money is nice to buy stuff for my car, clothes and such, but having a good time is just as important.
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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Sun Apr 27, 2003 9:06 am

Just focus hard on your academics and try to balance school with a social life. Don't focus on one without the other. You will quickly find (at least I did) that some things just aren't for you, and as long as you try your hardest your doing fine. I have found that chemistry AP is just not my thing. I am managing a 69-73 average at the moment (all my other classes are As). Don't stress either. NOT GOOD  Smile...and of course, do well on the SAT above 1100 should be fine for most schools unless you want like Princeton or Harvard.
BTW I thought you were older...try to get flying lessons too. It is a nice way to relieve the stresses of school. Unfortunately, I will have to start my multiengine/instrument rating in July. Still though, it is loads of fun.

Anyway ttyl,
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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Sun Apr 27, 2003 9:43 am

Let me start off by saying this: high school goes by sooo incredibly fast! I am a junior now but I honestly do not feel like I have gone through almost 3 yrs of hs. I still remember the day I "graduated" the 8th grade and my first day as a freshman. I go to an all boys private school. Its very strange at first being in an all guys school but after awhile you get used to it and its not as bad as some people make it out to be. Although many times we all wish there were girls in school but there are plenty of other all-girls schools in the area to make up for it.

Its not easy to manage sports (I play hockey), school, and work-and also working to become an Eagle Scout but it is a routine that I got used to. I dont have as much free time as I used to but its not that bad.

Have fun and enjoy hs but beware it will be over before you know it

I still cant believe that I'll be graduating next year...where did all the time go?


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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Sun Apr 27, 2003 11:46 am

AA61hvy: He is going to, or should I say is attending the other North Dallas All-male private school with blue and gold colors. He, like myself, has been going there since he was in first grade.

It seems like most of you are nostalgic for your high school years or will be once you leave. I can't wait until I go to college and leave the school that I will have spent 12 hellish years at behind.

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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Sun Apr 27, 2003 12:11 pm

The way I made the most out of high school was to quit after my sophomore year and start college early. I hated high school.
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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Sun Apr 27, 2003 12:14 pm

You know, If I knew in High School what I knew now, I could have been so much more of a snot then I was.
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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Sun Apr 27, 2003 12:24 pm

Jesuit guys {shiver} some creepy ass dudes there. They always hang with the Ursline sluts er, Ursline Girls
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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Sun Apr 27, 2003 1:05 pm

I didn't think I hated high school until I got to college.

During high school I thought it wasn't bad. Now, the transition to college has made me realize that I completely hated it!!!

I noticed that high school teachers, or mine anyway, seemed to seem more approachable as "friends" or just another person you know, and less of an "authority" figure or a teacher...I guess since you're catching up to them!

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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Sun Apr 27, 2003 1:17 pm

9th and 10th grade were bad, 11th was ok, senior year was the best out of the 4, but thats not saying much. Some people were I live are such assholes.
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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Sun Apr 27, 2003 2:19 pm

I never thought high school was too bad during my experience...some things about it really sucked, but looking back on it I had such a good time. I agree, freshman year was probably the worst, but it got progressively better. I went to a private school (in Atlanta) and it prepared me well, and I did very well on my SATs, but I didnt work hard enough in school.

You just have to go in realizing that this isnt middle school anymore, and youre not going to be friends with everyone (and vise-versa).
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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Sun Apr 27, 2003 2:39 pm

I on the same position, except that HS starts in grade ten in Alberta not grade nine like just about everywhere else.

I am really looking forward to it since I really don't like junior high school at all. I really can't stand most (as in about 97%) of the kids, they act like they are 6.

And it doesn't help when I think like and act more like a 50 yr old.

Good luck!

Also, it is nice to hear that many people had a good time in HS. Makes me confident that I will have a good experience as well.  Smile  Smile

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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Sun Apr 27, 2003 2:49 pm

I did a whole lot in High School...Student Council all four years, two as president, planned youth events, and did lots of odd jobs around the school. I would have had a job, too, except that I was in the CR, and it wasn't legal. I would have to say that the best years of my life so far have been those spent in High School..and a large part of that was because I was involved in so much. Don't kill yourself with the workload, but don't give yourself too little to do, either. Like Che said, it will be over before you know it, so enjoy it.

- RoyalDutch
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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Mon Apr 28, 2003 3:33 am

study hard + have a good time + get a job = making the most out of high school.  Smile
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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Mon Apr 28, 2003 4:30 am

I guess I'm not the right person to give advice. I'm at the very end of high school here in Malta (it's called sixth form), two years which really flew past but which, unfortunately, I shall not remember with pleasure.

My parents keep telling me just how much fun they had at the gymnazium, the Czech equivalent, and what an excellent social life, many friends and so on they had. Now I made most of my friends in the second year of this school, and my social life is limited to an occasional Saturday night at the nearby KU Club, a hard-core, as-low-grade-as-it-gets entertainment venue with loud dance music, lots of booze and clouds of Rothmans smoke.

School is enjoyable? Hardly. Parly it's my fault. As my subjects, I chose Pure Mathematics and English for Advanced Level. And while the latter is reasonable, the former is e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y hard, so much so that only 25% of all students who sit the final exam pass the first session. What are my chances of being one in four? I wonder. We'll find out pretty soon. (But then again, I tell myself, I had an even lesser chance of being one in ten and yet I am - y'all know what I'm talking about  Big grin.)

'Although I had mononucleosis and felt very tired at times afterwards, I enjoyed sixth form', my doctor (who's curing my depression) told me as I was sitting in the back of his car. I just gazed at him in disbelief. No, sixth form is not fun. Drowning in the midst of senseless assignments and projects, hardly any time to spare for the net, let alone a job alongside school. I'm glad I'm out.

All I can say is good luck, I hope it's different and more enjoyable in the US. After all, it depends on you, too, so don't make the same mistake as me and deliberately choose hard subjects. If I could go back to July 2001 and make my choice again, I'd choose Sociology instead of Pure Maths, well known for being hard and a 'learnable' subject.

Shawn Patrick
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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Mon Apr 28, 2003 5:42 am

I'm halfway through high school and I'm learning some things about it.

First of all, let me ask you, where do you want to go to college, and what do you want to do in college? If you want to go to Harvard, then take hard classes and study a lot. If not, then don't make it too hard on yourself. Get a job, do lots of extracirriculars and sports (if you do that kind of thing). Work on your hobbies, work on your talents. Study enough to get good grades in your medium-easy classes.

Now, I can't stress this enough: do not take high school life too seriously!

By this, I'm mainly talking about the other aspects of high school besides academia. Take academia seriously, you won't regret it. But don't take the social aspects very seriously, because think about it - in 4 years, you'll be somewhere else and everything about high school will just be a memory.

Go to parties, go to dances, make friends and enjoy. But if certain aspects of your social life start to suck, just say "fuck" and move on.

I see so many guys trying their hardest to be cool, to be jocks, to get girlfriends, trying to be popular. I laugh. Once they're out of high school, nobody will care who they are.

Finally, treat high school as an opportunity to improve yourself. Practice being yourself. Practice being in different social situations such as parties, dances, etc. Practice being a ladies' man  Big grin. Basically, just use your peers to improve yourself. When you go to college and beyond, you'll be well-versed socially and you'll get all the friends and chicks you want  Wow!

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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Mon Apr 28, 2003 1:03 pm

basically 4 words- don't try too hard, whether in academics, your social life, sports, or whatever- if you dont have it, then you dont have it, dont ruin yourself trying to make it look like you have it.
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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Mon Apr 28, 2003 1:24 pm

Wow, an all boys school, I dont even think we have any of those around here. Anyways, I went to a real small public school. I have always challenged myself in academics, but not to the point of overdoing it. It is very important to make sure that you let yourself have a social life, or else you'll go crazy and wonder why you wasted the last four years of your life in highschool (i have one friend who did this. Sure, he is 1st in the class, but that dosn't mean shit once you graduate. My scholarship is 3-times what he recieved anyways to a much more prestegious university  Smile). I dont play sports and dont have a job (I wish I did, I just dont have a car to get TO a job) but, as it turns out, I will be attending Bucknell University and only paying $5,000 a year for a $35,500 university. Another thing about highschool, eventually, sleep becomes less of a "need" and more of a "want." I normally go to bed around 1:00-1:30AM and wake up at 5:40AM for school. I've become immune to tiredness and cant remember the last time I was in bed before midnight.

To Sum it Up:
-Jr. year is by far the hardest...yet most important year. DONT slack off.
-Always challenge yourself in your classes. But, if you fail a test or two, dont worry about it and move on.
-Always keep a great social life
-If something bothers you (i.e. teachers, parents, females), learn how to say "fuck it" and move on
-9th and 10th grade are important, but not usually too hard to get through

I have had a fantastic highschool experience I dont know how I am going to leave it all behind when I graduate in June.

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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Mon Apr 28, 2003 3:56 pm

also try to be well rounded so you can get scholarships, thats what colleges look for. I will graduate with like a 3.7 (but with all honors core curriculum, and AP spanish), i have two jobs, and have played a little bit of sports, involved with youth group at church, other activities. Jacksonville U is giving me $12,500 per year, so try to be well rounded. good luck.
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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Mon Apr 28, 2003 4:23 pm

But pgh234, while that sounds really impressive, some of us are getting a quality education and not even paying $5000 for the entire 4 years (public flagship [of the state, mind you, the state] universities are pretty cheap in the South).

I wish I'd had a job in high school, but I never got around to one. I was a lazy bastard, lol.

Now I'm into this:

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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Tue Apr 29, 2003 8:16 am

What you want to do is balance out your schedule. Wor hard, but stay cool in school, if you just study all day, you won't have ANY friends. Join arts programs too, you'll need those to graduate. Homework will not be a challange to you since you are in America and attending a private school.

Like Md-90, play in a band, trust me, you'll get into it.

I play in my school's marching band, it's the best experience I've had so far.

BTW - I'm a freshman attending Smoky Hill High school.
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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Tue Apr 29, 2003 8:25 am

I'd say don't slack off. I'm going into my junior year, I've had mediocre grades up to now and now I'm kicking myself. I've dug a hole and I have to really work this year. Also, make sure to go places with your friends.... oh and get a girlfriend. Both will make the weekends much more enjoyable. Whatever you do, don't just sit around after school. Make plans!
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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Tue Apr 29, 2003 10:33 am

Wow MD-90, that is cheap. Most state schools up here in PA run, at the least, $15,000-$20,000 a year w/room and board. I was perfectly happy going to PSU. They have a fantastic engineering department there for me and I know tons of people who have gone there. However, my parents convinced me to apply to Bucknell "just for the hell of it." I also did the same for Purdue. I got into both, but there was no way I was ever going to pay $35,000 for one year of college. That is ridiculous. But, 3 days before Christmas, Bucknell gave me the nicest Christmas present that I ever have, or probably will ever receive in the mail.  Smile For a white middle class male like me who is extremely smart, but by no means a "genius," it was the gift of a lifetime. I am convinced that this whole college thing is nothing but a game of luck.

Blink...have fun, work hard, sleep less, and play your cards right. Highschool can be the best time of your life (and the quickest!)

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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Tue Apr 29, 2003 10:51 am

If I were any of you still in high school, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Don't "strive" for your very best. You'll get burned out before it gets important. Once you get into college, High school doesn't matter at all. No one cares that you got a 5 on your BC Calculus test, or that you were Valedictorian. enjoy high school for what it's worth, friendships. school should really be secondary. i mean, you should make time for it, and join clubs. but have fun.

many of my friends who had perfect grades are kicking themselves in the ass now because they wasted sooo much time, and didn't get to know people like they should have. college is where you should work your ass off, prepare for that. college is hard, and it definitely matters.

never leave high school thinking it was the best time in your life, other wise the next 60 years will be shit.

live forever and stay beautiful,
"[He] knew everything about literature, except how to enjoy it." - Yossarian, Catch 22
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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Tue Apr 29, 2003 11:52 am

Well I'm paying $560/semester for tuition, so for 4 years that'll run $4,240, although tuition could be hiked up a bit. Of course, that doesn't include the cost of my dorm this year ($1,115/semester), living expenses, the little things like a few $20 traffic tickets on campus, etc.

By the way I got to see Penn State play in the 2000 Alamo Bowl. My band was THERE baby! We got to march our halftime show in the pregame with none other than Penn State and TEXAS A&M (who has an awesome military band). To march on the same field as the Aggie Band was an experience I cannot forget.
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RE: Making The Most Of High School

Tue Apr 29, 2003 1:09 pm

I graduate in less than a month from now.
Believe me as I concur with the group that High School goes by really fast. Much faster than you think. Its no walk in the park like in JUnior High. You have to learn to adjust in this quick paced environment and keep up at the same time so when post secondary comes you won't feel like a grade 8 or 9 kid but it will set the ground for adulthood.
So be on your guard, and don't let your guard down in academics or there will be some troubling times ahead.

Some of the manditory things recommended that you undergo while in high school life. Firstly, choose the right courses, the courses you choose in your first year can greatly affect your grades and your decisions for the next year.
Secondly, do take some option classes like CTS of Fine Arts. I chose to take Design Studies and Communication Technology and they were not only easy marks, but fun fun and more fun.
Thirdly, keep your social life active.. Hang out with friends, go out to malls and parties, drink a variety of beer or other 7% beverages, get a girlfriend. (that part I failed  Sad ) , high school from what I hear is the best time to basically experience casual relationships by dating many girls and see how each suits. From that you can in the future narrow down to girls/women who meets what your looking for and you could be able to tell just by looking and doing simple conversations.
Also, take something outside of school, whether its sports, band, a club or some sort, or fine arts like dance, singing, or music. Another important thing, get a job.. Start early to save up and work Part tiem during school season.

There is however one drawback to all this. STRESS!! It bugs you and you won't like it, but you'll have to adjust and get used to it at times.
In my senior year I got hammered bad. A Full Semester of Course Subjects all within the Pure, or Advanced type of course levels, plus work, plus Piano, and of course social life and aviation. I had to put my flying on hold for now over a year because the load was killing me but I plan on returning to the skies on my DA20 Katana when slots open up in my life.
The first semester was horrible as I had quizzes and tests every week! Let alone all the other crap I took. I will confess to you guys that not once have I slept earlier than 12am during my school year so far. Except like holidays or breaks. On Average I went to bed at 12:30-2:30am.. During December and January things got worse as preparation for diplomas and mass tests/projects were imminent. I pulled an all nighter about 3 days in a row for one week in January.
Another problem are Acnes and some wet dreams. Yes Yes I raise my hand up in shame that I had these.. UNfortunetly the acne still remains.. It kinda got worse, stupid ass genes and oil. Keep the face clean, and KILL the acnes at ALL COSTS. I think I may need to see a doctor again, spray some gamma rays on the face,jk ;a girl will probably faint if she tries to kiss me on the cheek. Also keep the bed sheets clean and boxers or banana underwear supplies in the plentiful. Chances are your gona look at a substantial load of pr0ns, and your probably gona like it depnding on preference (straight,lez,gai,hentai,weird stuff) and picture a hottie in your head while snoozing one night and things will start to get frisky in fantasyland.
Then your hormones/T'ones start going crazy and you start feeling a little tingle tingle tingle in the (_)_)||||D region and all hell breaks loose. Learn to quickly cover up your sinful crimes and make sure you control these urges cuz the last thing you want is for your ma or da to pop in one morning to see their sleeping kid pull an Exxon Valdez on the bedsheets.  Big grin

The thing is you gotta make sure you control yourself and prioritize what is most important(ORGANIZATION) to elude stress. ALso excercise and fresh air would help. Eat well, Fruits, Milk, Vitamins, Calcium and proteins will really make a difference for overall performance. ANd once you get 80 and 90s on your tests, you will feel like a million bucks. Even having a girlfriend can't surpass this feeling.. for now..
Next month is another story.

Bottom line, be yourself and plan your life as at this point of time, it is slowly running out. College or University is the ultimate goal. To do well in HS will make it so that you can pull thru these post secondaries without having to worry about dropping out thus increasing your chances of reaching the pot-o-gold of success!
GOod luck and hope life in High School goes well.

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