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Friends Of Animals Will Have To Pay 120,000+fees

Fri May 02, 2003 1:37 pm

To a trapper from Tok after one of their henchmen released a wolf in one of his traps.

The Trapper had sued the group after the wolf had been released from his trapline in 1997. He had been awarded 200,000 dollars in damages from both Friends of Animals and the from their henchman who destroyed the snare in the process of cutting it lose.

The henchman....A trained biologist left the loop of wire around the animal's leg as he videotaped the released. It died about three weeks later.

Both parties had appealed the ruling 1st to the supirieor court and now they last of the two cases has just been denied a hearking by the AKSC.

It is nice to see that a single person can win against a rich public image lobby/enterprise.


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