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US Army Tries To Recruit Directly In Mexico

Fri May 09, 2003 1:31 am

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By Zulema Flores

The personal last week of the Armed Forces of the United States arrived at Cbtis 116 with the intention to promote the university system that offers this institution but it was not allowed them that they entered the classrooms. The assistant director of Cbtis 116, Manuel González Vidauri, informed that last Tuesday the lieutenant Javier J. Castro, of the Armed Forces of Chula Vista, requested permission to promote the university carrers, but was not authorized to him. The intention of the lieutenant was to enter classes to expose to the students the opportunities of studies that the U.S Army offers, but it was considered that he was not advisable. The subject was consulted with the holder of the Undersecretary's office of Education and Technological Investigation in Baja California (SEIT), Jose Guerrero Guerrero, and their instructions were that the access was not allowed the establishment to personnel of the U.S Army. It was only allowed that the lieutenant left around 10 pamphlets in the prefecture of the school, indicated, but it did not have the authorization to speak with the students or the teachers. No professor or worker of the school distributed the pamphlets to the students, only allowed themselves that the lieutenant left some in prefecture so that they took that were interested in them. This was the first occasion, he said, that a representative of the U.S Army approached Cbtis 116 in order to spread information on the curricula that offer this North American institution. The pamphlets of the Armed Forces of the United States inform that it offers to the military benefits that are not obtained in any other place: - More than 200 specialties of where to choose - Up to 50 thousand dollars for university studies - Until 100% of the cost of the studies during the benefit of the service - 30 days of vacations paid to the year - medical and dental Service - Access to recreational facilities and stores PX of the Army the pamphlets also indicated that the programs Montgomery Gl Bill and the Army College Fund help to pay the education of the military and who while more time they are in the Army more money can obtained for their education:* The numbers are in dollars. Source: Armed Forces of the United States.

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