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Center Of The Americas In Miami

Mon Aug 04, 2003 10:58 am

Miami is the leading city for the centers of the American or Trade center of the Americas. You know how Berlin is the Center for Europe well Miami might be it for The Americas. Right now it looks like Miami will get it. I think the other major candidate is Panama City Panama. This will bring 10,000 Jobs to the Miami area! If you don't know Downtown Miami used to be an 9-5 place Mon-SAT nothing at night but now they are making more then 4,000 atpartments in the Downtown area and all of selling out. This is going to have to be an good thing for what they want. There is a lot more land for building. Miami population is expected to Double in the next 20 years. No more suburbs are being built in Miami. Everyone is moving Downtown. Any way any one herd of this center of the Americas. This would really make Miami a world city and the capital business center for the Latin world i hope Miami gets it. Any other info would be great!!!
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