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Who Watches Bo Selecta!

Wed Aug 13, 2003 10:50 pm

LOL if you havent seen it, you have to, its one of the most funniest programmes every invented.

My fav scenes are when the celebrity stalker has craig from Big bro in his car trunk (after he visits Davis Snedons house), craigs tied up and screaming "Get me out!!", to which the stalker replies, "you ungrateful b*st*rd, I take you for a day out, and this is how you repay me!!".

Also Michael Jackass is pretty funny, "Shamone!!", the best bit is where he says, im here in sunny 'ol englnad, home of the queen motha (long pause) fu**a!!

lol is Bo selecta out on TV in the states, id be surprised if it wasnt, if not get the dvd on the net, and watch it, cos its funny as hell!!

Reetarr!! craaiiiiig daavid here!!!, can i have some chheeese n ooonion!!!
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RE: Who Watches Bo Selecta!

Thu Aug 14, 2003 12:25 am

Its great, when he tells Davina McCall "I would like to smell your shit".
Very imaginative, his depiction of how Jackson would have been if he'd grown up and not had plastic surgery is ace.
Creepy too, the writer and star of the show, Leigh Francis, stays in character, complete with neck brace, for talk shows.
A sort of celebrity stalker Ali G, complete with dead mother in the cupboard as well as a genuine member of the first Big Brother show chained up.
He has Kelly Osborne going from a British accent to a foul mouthed US teen, Craig David as a Northerner with a pet kestrel, Christina Aguilaria (SP?) as a slapper from Liverpool, all while wearing rubber masks with only look a bit like those he's lampooning and of course his very rude celeb 'interviews' as a bear complete with a popping out penis!
Original to say the least.

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