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Vote For Nikki!

Thu Aug 21, 2003 8:05 am

Do you think that Nikki

is "less ugly" than Katie

If indeed you think that my friend Nikki is somewhat cuter than Katie, vote for her Here

so she can be vindicated and win her prize from Virgin Radio!


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RE: Vote For Nikki!

Thu Aug 21, 2003 8:07 am

The URL says they are UGLY. I wont debate that  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

Curious of the url..haha
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RE: Vote For Nikki!

Thu Aug 21, 2003 8:20 am

Have Nikki remove the hat, and if she's got less of a "fivehead" than Katie, THEN I'll give her my vote.  Big grin

Nikki's got cute potential, but needs to lose the hat.
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RE: Vote For Nikki!

Thu Aug 21, 2003 12:52 pm

They're both equally attractive. That means the final decision will have to be made using "other" means.
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RE: Vote For Nikki!

Thu Aug 21, 2003 1:01 pm

We can't see either one of the ladies ASSets..... Can't make the call without more info...
Next time try the old "dirty Sanchez" She'll love it !!!
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RE: Vote For Nikki!

Fri Aug 22, 2003 1:47 pm

Sorry, Though neither is ugly, from the pictures posted Katie is better looking. I must point out though that I have a friend whos daughter earns $10,000 per month as a model. Made up and posed she's a knockout. If you met her on the street though you'd say she's just average, maybe less.

Both those girls could very well be stunning.
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