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Is Proximity Everything?

Sun Sep 28, 2003 6:13 pm

With regards to relationships of every kind, whether it is business or personal, friends or familiy or romantic.

How important is being nearby, physically as well as communicating?
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RE: Is Proximity Everything?

Mon Sep 29, 2003 12:18 am

Been dipping into the mushrooms again, eh?

OK, I'll give it a shot. Of the four relationship types you name, IHMO, all will or course be robust 'physically' (I assume meaning personal contact i.e. face to face meetings).

'Nearby' relationships will have the romantic relationships failing first and fast. Maybe they work for a while, but are doomed from the beginning. Next to fail will be friends. Initially, you'll try to plan activities, but both of your busy schedules will not allow it. After awhile you both kind of give up, and the only contact will be correspondence through email, but it will usually be just forwarding jokes and chain emails as part of a distribution group which include your 'physical' friends. The emails will rarely be actual conversation. If there is actual conversation, it will consist of one of you initiating a 'get together' and the other declining due to prior engagements. The only time you'll actually get together is for significant events like a funeral, wedding, birthday, or somethings like that involves someone that you both happen to know. When this happens, you'll both 'catch up' and proclaim, 'We need to get together some time.'. Then the cycle continues.

Business relationships can survive anything type of communication because its already a common practice and comfortable.
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