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Jason Kidd: No Way I'm Moving To Long Island

Sat Oct 11, 2003 12:56 pm

The Nets have been up for sale, and one of the people who have offers on the table is Charles Wang, founder of Computer Associates, and owner of the Islanders. Wang would move the team to the Nassau Coliseum until the new hockey/basketball arena is built. In my opinion, as an Islanders fan, Wang would be an excellent owner of the Nets and would give them plenty of cash to operate and sign important free agents. In ESPN the Magazine, he states that he wants to be traded if the team moves to Long Island, but he would have no problem if the team moved to Brooklyn. What the hell? Nassau County only has some of the highest property values in the nation and the schools are second to none. Does he prefer playing his games in a swamp? Since when should Jason Kidd, of all people, determine where the team ends up? This is just arrogance to the nth degree. Dude, you showed that you had no problems moving away to San Antonio when you leveraged the Nets into signing you to a lucrative option, so dont give me that bullshit of, "Oh, I dont want to move." This whole thing makes me sick, but I wouldnt expect anything less out of a wife-beater.
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