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Who Pays For Cell Calls?

Sun Oct 12, 2003 1:53 am

In your country?

I was recently on business trip to a El Salvador and i was impressed with their cellular telephone laws. Here are a couple:

Only the originator of the call pays
Meaning, that if User A calls User B, only Users A's minutes are depleted. Makes sense, here in the US both user's minues goes away, effectively charging double for a single phone call.
If you call from a land line to a cell, an additional charge is placed on the land line, the cell phone user talks for free.

No charge for voicemail pick up
Its considered part of the service

No charge if the person's voice mail picks up
If you call your friend and the voicemail pick up, you are given 5 ring tones then you are adviced that after the beep you will be charged for the call, you can hang up and not be charged (or minues taken off) if you choose not to leave a message. In the US you get charged if the persons voicemail picks up.

Mind you that these are laws and not up to the cell providers. This has resulted in an incredible numbers of handsets and operatrors in the country.

So.. how does it work were you live?

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RE: Who Pays For Cell Calls?

Sun Oct 12, 2003 2:40 am

Caller pays for all calls, except international calls.
For international calls, caller pays the regular fee to call that phone while recipient pays the rest.
Voicemail, caller pays. Recipient pays for pickup (this is under discussion and likely to change if it hasn't already).

examples of international (it gets confusing):
Dutch mobile in the Netherlands to Dutch mobile abroad:
Caller pays Dutch fees, receiver pays international fees to the country he is in.

Dutch mobile in the Netherlands to fixed phone or non-Dutch mobile abroad:
Caller pays full fees.

Dutch mobile to non-Dutch mobile in the Netherlands (now it gets complicated  Laugh out loudD):
caller pays full fees to country of origin of the mobile phone, receiver pays full fees from his country of origin to the Netherlands (yes, it goes through that other country!).

There are other permutations, like a Dutch mobile phone calling a non-Dutch mobile in yet another 3rd country, in which both parties pay international fees to somewhere.
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