Saying A Prayer For Missing Child Cecilia Zhang

Wed Oct 22, 2003 4:28 am

Nine year old Cecilia Zhang was abducted from her Toronto, North York neighbourhood home yesterday (Monday morning). I cannot begin to imagine the hell and horror her distraught parents are going through. I'm not one who prays, at all really, but I am praying for the hopefully safe return of this innocent child to her parents. With each passing hour since she vanished, the chances of finding Cecilia alive grow dimmer, and it absolutely turns my stomach to think that Toronto will perhaps have another Holly Jones and an Alison Parott on its hands. Dear God, no.

Let's hope that the Toronto Metro police and detective team assigned to this case bring this child home, alive and well.

All the discussions here, all the one-upmanship, all the petty arguments and inflated egos are dust, absolute dust in light of a horrific incident of an innocent child taken from her family and the "safety" of her own bed.

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