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Today's Trisha (in UK).

Tue Nov 25, 2003 8:04 pm

I watched some of Trisha (!) earlier, in which a sister came on with the intention of convincing her brother to end his 'relationship' with and his love for an American lady in prison.

In brief, the brother was communicating, via letters and photos, to a 33-year-old in a Californian prison. It was his intention to marry her, in England, when she was released - which was due to be quite soon, having served 6 years. Oddly, the issue of the crimes for which she was found guilty and convicted was never discussed.

The show's director communicated with the prison in which she stayed and asked about the types of crimes for which she was imprisoned (obviously specific details were not available and, indeed, not needed). What a shock!

She is 52 - not 33.

She was found guilty of many crimes, such as murder (2nd and 3rd), robbery, kidnap and theft, the accumulative sentence (including for the crimes for which she was found guilty but which I haven't included) for which being indefinate imprisonment (she's already served 26 years).

Jesus Mary Joseph! Hardly a picnic in the park! Must have obviously been a HUGE shock - and that's the understatement of the year.

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