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Population Of The US Military...And Others?

Thu Nov 27, 2003 4:08 am

I was wondering how many people are currently in the US Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy? How many could we gather if there were to be a draft? This thread has no point really other then me just being curious...

Same question goes out to those like Canada, Britain, France, Germany, ect..

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RE: Population Of The US Military...And Others?

Thu Nov 27, 2003 6:45 am

i germany due to mandatory military service you are either a soldier or a civil worker on draft, and a full draft would include a buildup of the army towars approximately 2 million soldiers within 2 weeks. material for that is always kept in storage. that concept is still in place from the cold war times, and i think its a good concept for a country to have a core army with some efficiency and then rely on draft to defend the country. after all we dont need a permanently army to project military power to other countries but only to defend ourselves. and that simply not going to happen.

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