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Nebraska Fires Solich - Did He Deserve It?

Wed Dec 03, 2003 7:15 pm


As you college football fans already know...Nebraska gave coach Frank Solich the axe despite having a winning record for his career there and going 9-3 this season (including a defeat of my Buffs) apparently the higher-ups at Nebraska weren't too happy with this performance, and so they axed him...this makes me feel that the higher ups at Nebraska are very egotistical and that Solich is getting a raw deal...needless to say I have a feeling he will find a job real fast...what do you think?

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RE: Nebraska Fires Solich - Did He Deserve It?

Wed Dec 03, 2003 9:05 pm

Yes and No.

No because he won allot more than most college coaches.

Yes because the offense he was running was TERRIBLE and OUTDATED. In this day and age, you cannot have a tailback playing QB, so you can run option play after option play ater option play. Mix in a shotgun and a quarterback that can actually throw the ball.
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RE: Nebraska Fires Solich - Did He Deserve It?

Wed Dec 03, 2003 9:19 pm

KROC's got a point on the Husker's Offensive scheme being as old as the hills, but somehow he still compiled a decent record in the conference that, without a doubt, has some of the greatest parity in the NCAA. I'm an SEC fan, but who usually wins the SEC? Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, occasionally LSU. The Big XII, however, seems like more of a crapshoot to me, and somehow Solich compiled a decent record. Hell, Lou's led USC to back-to-back 5-7 seasons and we've extended his contract until 2008. Certainly I think Solich deserved more consideration than he may have received.
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