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FRG According To CNN

Tue Dec 09, 2003 9:42 pm

Well, I have heard of it: the average American shows little or no interest on reports concerning the world outside of the US. And you can just tell that I, somehow, show a little consideration.

At the same time, I find it even more interesting to figure out what kind of reports and news flashes are supposed to catch Mr and Mrs Miller's, Bush's and Smith's & Wesson's curiosity.
So, over the lasts two or three months, I compared the most prominent(!) news stories concerning Germany according to CNN and Fox with those of some German media.

It is very likely that there was written more about us Sausage-Eating Yodel Peaceniks, but this is what I can easily recall:
At Fox News, I found no "fair and balanced" article; actually I didn't find any article on Germany at all.
From earlier experiences I know that CNN always mentions Germany when some workers are on strike. Putting that aside, CNN reported in October that a

Dog was taught to give Hitler salute

That was when German media reported that 35 prople from (Ex-)Yugoslavia sued Germany: During the Kosovo war one or two American F-16 (under NATO command!) attacked a bridge killing several civilians.

In early December, nothing really important happened over here: Trouble among the Hamburg government and "Goodbye, Lenin" was voted "Best European Film". Therefore it was easy for CNN to find something more appropriate:

German vicar in porn video mix-up

And today German media reports that Schröder suffers political fallout from a German-Chinese plutonium plant deal and that Schroeders junior partner, the Greens, even plan to ask President Bush, the IATA and UNO for help. I'm not sure whether or not you know more about this, because CNN reports that

Cannibal 'sought more volunteers'

Unfortunately this is exactly today's headline at ... BBC, too.
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