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Healthcare Confusion And Insurance Coverage

Wed Dec 24, 2003 1:24 pm

this thread here
made me wonder about the ways of system based on healthcare that works with insurances. since i dont know the u.s. system in question here, i wonder:
as far as i understand you pay for insurances and then get healthcare.
i always thought of this insurance system this way:
you pay your bills and are covered just like car insurance, so you pay for example the cheaper bills like getting flu pills but have big stuff like operations paid for by the insurance, much like with car insurance you get a scratch you cough up the 100 bux yourself or dont care, and when you crash it you have the insurance pay for it.
but what is the point of having an insurance based healthcare system when it has exceptions to what they do, especially when it is a life threatening disease with decent chances for a cure.


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