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Gen.Aviation And Terror? What About Gen. Motoring?

Mon Jan 19, 2004 4:03 am

satire of a CBS report on GA:
> (CBS) They are a soaring real estate trend: drive-in
> communities called
> developments. "Every house has a paved driveway to
> the main road," says
> Harvey Smith, an Olde Fox Hunt Pointe realtor.
> Amenities include your very
> own cul-de-sac, your own personal garage, and the
> freedom to come and go as
> you please.
> "There's really no security in regards to living
> with your car," says Smith.
> And, as CBS News Correspondent Bob Wire reports,
> that's the fear. These
> suburban developments, like the one in Alexandria
> Commons in Northern
> Virginia, are an open invitation for terrorists.
> "I think it's a real concern," says property manager
> John Wiggle. "I think
> it's a possibility."
> There are millions of suburban developments in the
> United States, and most
> are like Alexandria Commons, with just a single
> entrance road.
> There are no fences, no gates, no security systems
> and no federal
> requirements to have them.
> Since Sept.11, 2001, the government has not ordered
> Wiggle to make any
> security changes at his development.
> Would-be passengers and luggage are not screened,
> says Stalin.
> "We haven't really implemented the razor wire, the
> big tall fences, the
> security gates," says Wiggle.
> Smith says he tries to keep a close watch on the
> residents and their
> visitors, but former National Transportation and
> Safety Board managing
> director Jack Stalin says, that's not security.
> "Homeland Security has to make individual motoring a
> priority," says Stalin.
> "They've got to develop a program, and they're going
> to have to spend some
> money on it." A single SUV can carry up to ten
> times the explosives that a
> small aircraft can, and there is zero regulation of
> them. With the use of
> shaped charge explosives, they can deal a crippling
> blast for hundreds of
> yards -- far wider than existing security
> perimeters. Unlike aircraft
> owners and pilots, who are subject to stringent
> regulation and full time
> radar tracking, would-be motorists can easily obtain
> cars and licences, and
> even park right at their own homes.
> He says terrorists are well aware of these small
> insecure residential areas.
> "That's where they learned to drive," says Stalin.
> "We know the terrorists
> trained in small communities with less traffic.
> Many even have driving
> schools located nearby. We don't even require a
> Secret clearance to drive a
> car."
> "We know that the Sept. 11 terrorists were able to
> quickly disperse to the
> airports that they attacked from by using rental
> cars. Rental car offices
> have yet to even take blood and tissue samples for
> DNA matching and positive
> identification. Anyone can rent a car"
> Some argue that there's no need to worry because
> most are small ground
> vehicles. But packed with explosives, even small
> cars could be devastating
> bombs.
> "A Geo Metro driving off from a remote suburban
> development is going to be
> virtually untrackable and will suddenly appear into
> a restricted area
> - into a high population area, and there's going to
> be nothing we can do
> about it," says Stalin. ""They don't have to file a
> drive plan, check with
> the local police before getting in their car, or
> carry a GPS transmitter for
> tracking."
> Last year, two individuals in the Washington DC area
> outfitted a small car
> with a sniper station in the trunk and killed a
> number of people.
> Authorities were unable to find or stop it.
> One year later, there've been no mandated security
> changes.
> "We need to make it a real concern and deal with it
> and try as best we can
> so that it will never happen," says Smith.
> Until then, vulnerability will be the price for
> motorists' freedom.
> "Part of the irony is that the money that financed
> Bin Ladin actually came
> from all these people who can just jump in their
> cars whenever they want to,
> without even a police officer aboard. The fuel they
> burned came right from
> Saudi Arabia"
> Wiggle agrees. "if we can destroy our own economy
> and values peacefully, Al
> Qaida will be discouraged from planning any attacks
> on us. In addition to
> the scorched earth factor, if we appear sufficiently
> cowardly, Bin Ladin
> will be ashamed to even say bad things about us.
> You have to understand how international terrorists
> think -- they gain
> prestige by only going after strong opponents who
> are respected."

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RE: Gen.Aviation And Terror? What About Gen. Motoring?

Mon Jan 19, 2004 11:19 am

Yea, AOPA http://www.aopa.org blasted this CBS report. Admittedly, it is pretty "one sided" and "unfair".
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RE: Gen.Aviation And Terror? What About Gen. Motoring?

Mon Jan 19, 2004 11:25 am

One pilot I talked to summed it up pretty well:

"I can get myself and about 90 pounds of C-4 into my Ercoupe, a little less if its hot. Meanwhile, the U-haul truck I just rented can pull around about 10,000 pounds of whatever I want."

Think about it...
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RE: Gen.Aviation And Terror? What About Gen. Motoring?

Mon Jan 19, 2004 5:36 pm

Thanks Dw747400; I could have never said it better myself! When will people see logic!
Last year 1,944 New Yorkers saw something and said something.

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