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Did "In Pursuit Of Honor" Happen?

Mon Jan 26, 2004 6:18 pm

Last night I turned on the TV and a film called "In Pursuit of Honor" was on. It was supposedly based on a true story. It was the period between the two World Wars; the US Army was being modernized and the cavalry was ordered to slaughter several hundred horses. A group of soldiers were revolted by this, and deserted with a large contingent of the horses, finally getting them over the border to Canada (in a splendid scene which has them escaping shell fire of the military unit in pursuit of the deserters). I thought the movie was excellent.

I wanted to find out the truth of this incident and while the movie did claim to be based on life, this is what I found:


Among these and other critics, there are claims that the story was not true, or that its source is spurious.

What happened to the last cavalry horses, and is there any truth to the story? If they did go to Canada, could they/the horses stay there legally?

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