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Effects Of Body Temperature

Thu Feb 12, 2004 7:33 am

When people have a fever they are in the 100F (30C) temp wise. It has been a number of year since I have check my own body temp, I guess I assumed I was the average; I'm 95 degrees F.

Is that low or just cold?
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RE: Effects Of Body Temperature

Thu Feb 12, 2004 7:40 am

Er... just to correct something.

In Alaska, maybe people with fever are in the 30C temp wise, but inEurope, they usually have 38C (and 37C when they are okay)

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RE: Effects Of Body Temperature

Thu Feb 12, 2004 7:46 am

I believe that normal body temperature is supposed to be 98.6 degrees. But it's not unusual to have some variation. My temperature runs nearly two degrees cooler (family trait) and it doesn't faze my doctors.

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RE: Effects Of Body Temperature

Thu Feb 12, 2004 7:58 am

Make sure you are taking your oral temperature with the thermometer to one side underneath your tongue, not above it; wait 15 minutes before you've come in out of the cold before you take your temperature; and wait 10 minutes after any heavy exercise. Also, wait 5 minutes after drinking hot or cold liquids.

Some general information about human body temperature:

98.6 F (37 C), is considered to be the average normal. There is some variation -- my normal is about 98 F. Since my "normal" is "low" by the standard definition, I tolerate cold a little better; but if I have a fever at 99 F, I start feeling flushed and headachy when most people would not notice much.

Hyperthermia (Fever)
Low-grade fever is described as 99.6 F (37.5 C) or higher.

High fever is described as 101 F (38.3 C) or higher. This can cause temporary brain dysfunction. Infants may have high fevers upon development of illness, without ever having a low-grade fever.

Irreversible brain damage starts occuring at 104 F (40 C). It usually takes severe brain infection or heatstroke to precipitate a fever this high.

Hypothermia (low body temperature)

Mild hypothermia is a core body temperature less than 95 F but greater than 89.2 F (32-35 C.) Symptoms include lethargy, confusion, shivering and loss of muscle coordination.

Moderate hypothermia is a core temperature between 84.2 and 89.2 F (29-32 C.) Symptoms include delerium and slowed reflexes.

Severe hypothermia is a core temperature lower than 84.2 F (29 C.) Symptoms include cold skin and loss of consciousness.

This information is cited from the eMedicine article on hypothermia.

Treatment guidelines from Hypothermia.org

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RE: Effects Of Body Temperature

Thu Feb 12, 2004 8:05 am

Gold is right...

Body temperature can vary just as much as the people.
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RE: Effects Of Body Temperature

Thu Feb 12, 2004 8:11 am

My normal temperature is 36,6 Celsius (97.88 F). I, however, once had 40.5 C (104.9 F) because of flu but it doesn't seems my brain was damaged because of this. I was a child then, however, so maybe I took it easier because of this. Although the flu epidemy that year was severe and several people died because of high body temperature.

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