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With A Straight Face From Hollywood Billionaires

Fri Feb 20, 2004 10:25 am

Well, I just saw a television spot (obviously payed for by some major Hollywood group, didn't catch who), where they go into enumerating several reasons as to why downloading, burning, and pirating movies is soo detrimental. The add points out that we consumers, by not paying for these products, harm all those people behind the cameras: the video editors, the make-up artists, the extras, the scenographers, cartoonists, sound experts, etc, etc... in short, all the people it takes to produce any film. How this issue even threatens their jobs.

I agree with all that. In fact, I am against just freeloading music or movies and always have been. I BUY whatever music artists I feel deserve my support, and purchase any movie that I feel is worth buying. I do these purchases carefully.

This said, when a guy like BEN AFFLACK is telling me this, I find it somewhat hypocritical... very hypocritical. Here is a guy that makes millions and millions just by acting (and not a very good actor at that, he should stick to supportive roles), gets everything for free (just like all celebrities, the richer you are, the more gifts and freebies you seem to get, go figure), and he is telling us how we need support his ridiculous salary by, on many occassions, overpaying for DVD's? Give us all a break!!

Again, if I like the movie I will buy it even if it is overpriced, because I don't believe in stealing. But if these overpampered Hollywood actors are reeeeeally so concerned for the jobs of all those below them, maybe they should lower their salaries by a few million bucks, to lower prices so people don't feel as encouraged to find ways to freeload, don't you think? And how about those ticket prices at the movies? And the price of food? I like going to the movies, but lately I don't because I refuse to overpay so much for, increasingly, mediocre films.

This is a perfect case of a good message destroyed through a bad messenger...
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RE: With A Straight Face From Hollywood Billionaires

Fri Feb 20, 2004 2:30 pm

Give us all a break!!

Are you sure you're not American reporter John Stossel at ABC News? I agree with you, Derico. Actors like Ben Affleck are out-of-touch and out-of-line when they speak out about stuff like that.

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RE: With A Straight Face From Hollywood Billionaires

Sat Feb 21, 2004 12:29 am

I guess there has been rampant pirating of Gigli lately...  Insane
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