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Arabic OCR Question

Tue Mar 02, 2004 2:32 am

My background is programming and the Web, so I admit that I am ignorant here, esp. since I am also ignorant in Arabic.

Our office in Cairo has a whole lot of reports that unfortunately exist only in hard copy. We need to get them on our company intranet, they do not have the resources here, and since our home office does, the idea was that we'll scan them in here using OCR, and then send to Cairo for proofing. After that we'll use In Design to turn them into spiffy new documents.

I am a little chary as nobody in New York has any knowledge of Arabic so we'll be scanning blind. We're looking at a product called Sakhr OCR that claims to be 99% accurate for Arabic scanning, but my experience in OCR for English and Spanish is that it is never 99% accurate.

Does anyone in the Arabic speaking world have experience with OCR, and more specifically with that product? Any tips?


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