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Acid Reflux Disease

Mon Mar 15, 2004 11:29 am

Does anybody know the cheapest, most effective prescription medicine to relieve Acid Reflux. Right now, I take Nexium 40 MG, but I can't keep pumping $50.00 to take medicine every month?

Just to make you aware, I am NOT asking for medical advice, but I am asking from everybody what medicine you KNOW OF out there that I could ask my doctor about?
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RE: Acid Reflux Disease

Mon Mar 15, 2004 12:15 pm

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RE: Acid Reflux Disease

Tue Mar 16, 2004 6:23 am

You could CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR and see if Prilosec works for you... It's now available over the counter (Prilosec OTC) and also in a generic prescription form (omeprazole.) Nexium is a chemical relative of Prilosec developed by the same company in order to keep profits up after Prilosec went generic.

My father, cousin, and a few other people I know take Nexium. Prilosec worked for me, and I was only on it for one month. I eventually found out that my acid reflux was caused by gasping for breath at night (sleep apnea) -- and when I got that taken care of, the reflux disappeared.

Again, DO NOT STOP OR CHANGE medications without clearance from your doctor!


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