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Boy The Czech's Make Some Great Guns!

Tue Mar 16, 2004 6:35 pm

Finally got around to getting a pair of CZ rifles from the Czech republic.

One is a centerfire carbine in 7.62 by 39 and the other is in .17HMR. That centerfire carbine is actually shorter then either my chinese SKS or my Yugo SKS. Can't wait to get it out and try it, should be a great trapline rifle.

That .17HMR joins a .22LR that I already had from CZ. The .17 or Hornaday Magnum round is a fairly new bullet. It was developed as competition for the .22WMR, which I also considered before aquiring the .17HMR. The .17 reportedy is better performing round, with a much flatter trajectory.

Either way, the foxes and the rabbits need to beware of me!

Now I just need one of their big bores, .375HH, 416 Rigby or .458 Lott maybe. Then I will have bear gun!!!

Anyway sorry if I sound like a spokesman for CZ but it is hard to go against any of their firearms.

I just really want to screw with the minds of some of those gun grabbing nuts on this site  Acting devilish

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