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Better Business Bureau For Autos...IT Works!

Mon Apr 26, 2004 2:04 am

Hey guys,
As some of you might know, I drive a 2003 GMC Envoy which is dark green. During the first year of driving, I noticed the paint was fading right in front of the rear wheel wells near the bottom of the car. Now, since my car is dark hunter green, it made the car look bad because the bottom was white. So I brought the car in and the stealership told me that they would fix it only once for free since "it wasn't a common problem". They painted the car, I bought mud flaps due to their recommendation which I thought was valid. Paid them 110 bucks for the flaps and drove off.

Fast forward to last week, a year exactly after the first repaint.
I brought the car back into the stealership and told them the same problem was occurring and that I would think that a paint job should last longer then a year. Well since I'm 18, they treated me like a five year old and pretty much told me to shove it and get lost. Well I called GM since my father has bought GM cars ever since 1980 (he has got two new cars every three years since 80s at the same stealership) and asked them to fix the problem since it was defective paint job, and the car has a design flaw. I only wanted them to repaint the affected area, not the whole thing. They too told me to get lost and that there was nothing they could do. Very angry that this is how they treat my family after we've spend 100's of thousands of dollars, I called the Better Business Bureau as a last resort. I figured since that they would never help me due to the number of claims they get per year, I lost pretty much all hope.
Well I was wrong. They have been in touch with me since two days after I initially called them and they have called me at least three times. Finally Friday at noon I get a call saying that they have resolved the issue with GM in fear that I would take them to court and sue them for repainting my car since they have a defective design. Not only are they repainting my car, but they are buying me running boards which cost the public 350 bucks, because of the actions of the BBB Auto Division.

Long story short, if you have a major problem wrong with your car, and your dealership and car maker refuse to fix it, call the BBB Auto Division. They were quick to resolve my issue and they told GM to shove it. One person was assigned my case and worked on it from start to finish. Never in a million years think this would happen.

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RE: Better Business Bureau For Autos...IT Works!

Mon Apr 26, 2004 2:45 am

Sometimes it does pay to complain to the right people, they are going to paint the car and throw in running boards??, I am impressed. I have to remember the "stealership" bit for my next dealer encounter.

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