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What's On Steering Wheels In F 1 And Indy Cars?

Thu May 27, 2004 11:45 pm

Does anyone know what is on the steering wheel in F-1 and Indy Cars?

Can drivers read the lap number or the fuel/air mixture on the steering wheel?
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RE: What's On Steering Wheels In F 1 And Indy Cars

Thu May 27, 2004 11:57 pm

Don't know about Indycars, but here's F1 :

1) Display: By pressing the bl1 ue 'S' button the driver about the engine, Shell fuel consumption and lap times. Additionally, a digital display lights up when it is time to change gear.

2) Neutral: The green button marked 'N" is pressed to engage neutral. If the driver forgets to do this after a breakdown, race marshals will be unable to push the car to safety.

3)Under-revs: The 'U' button is under-revs. This reduces the rev limit to preserve the engine in cases where the driver does not have to race at full speed.

4) Brake Balance: Allows the driver to regulate the braking pressure on the front and rear wheels.

5) Clutch: The driver uses the small lever on both sides of the wheel to manually engage the clutch at the start of the race and after pit stops.

6)Data Call-up: The button marked 'S' allows the Ferrari driver to display data on the engine, fuel consumption and lap times.

7)Air/Fuel Mix: The mix of air and Shell fuel determines the combustion ratio and therefore fuel consumption.

8)Recovery: Can be used when there is a failure of critical sensors and will often the driver to finish a race, although with some reduced performance.

9)Engine Settings

10) Engine Settings

11) Power Steering: Power assisted steering - the same as on a road car, although a lot more efficient.

12) Radio mute: The 'M' button is radio mute. This is used if the driver is suffering from a lot of radio interference that may be upsetting his concentration.

13) Radio: The button marked 'Radio' establishes a radio link with the race technicians in the pit area.

14) Gear Change: The driver changes gear via the tow toggle switches behind the steering wheel. The left-hand switch is for changing up, the right-hand one for changing down.

15) Speed Limiter: The speed limiter (L) electronically reduces speed to the pit lane limits.

Hope this helps  Laugh out loud

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RE: What's On Steering Wheels In F 1 And Indy Cars?

Fri May 28, 2004 1:45 pm

Thanks a lot!


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