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06June1944, 60 Years This Sunday

Thu Jun 03, 2004 7:43 pm

This Sunday marks the 60th anniversary of the allies invasion of occupied Europe, the long awaited opening of the second front. American, British and Canadian troops, along 5 beach fronts began the long and costly struggle to reach Berlin and defeat the Nazi empire.

Casualties were heavy and most were sustained by young men, many of whom were younger than most of us here at A.Net. We owe them everything and we can only repay them by remembering them and their sacrifices.

I encourage all of us to get out to a local service this Sunday is at all possible. I will be attending a memorial at my local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion. An 88 year old friend and veteran who is wheelchair bound has asked me to march with him in the veterans parade and I have never felt more honoured in my life.

Remember the lads, it is the least we can do.

Gold, Sword, Juno, Omaha, Utah veterans, thank you.


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