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Any Bartenders Here?

Wed Jun 09, 2004 5:28 am

As I near 21 in the coming months, I was thinking about trying bartending as a part time career. I've been checking out some schools in the area to see what they have to offer or if they're a waste of money. Could any bartenders or former bartenders (or future for that matter) offer any advice for someone looking into the field? I'm fairly accurate at telling if people are drunk or not, and I'm fully capable of being the coolest guy on the planet and the biggest jack@$$ you ever met depending on the situation. Again, I'd appreciate both positive and negative advice on the matter. Thanks!
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RE: Any Bartenders Here?

Wed Jun 09, 2004 8:06 am get paid. You may also get invited to some parties  Big grin get to watch your mates get drunk whilst you remain sober  Sad

Apart from that its a pretty boring job unless you've got a decent boss  Big grin
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RE: Any Bartenders Here?

Sat Jun 12, 2004 3:43 am

I have seen A LOT OF BARTENDERS... Big thumbs up

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