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Nice But How Do You Do It?!

Sun Jun 27, 2004 12:28 pm
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Besides aviation photography, I'm a huge modeling fan. I have about 20+ models of sports cars and Formula One cars from 1991 to 2004. I put together only about three of them. The rest were built and shipped in a box. However, I have seen some people who make theirs totally from scratch or do kit-bashing (borrowing parts from other models, which can be incredibly expensive. Usually, only one or two parts are borrowed.). I greatly admire the amount of work and detail that go into these. However, I have tried numerous times on my own and failed totally every time. How do you find the time to build them? Do most people work part-time only? For me, having only four hours of free time a day won't do it. I need three times that much! The only way I can get a model built is if I can get a job where I work only three days a week but of course, that's pure fantasy. How do you create your own parts? Look at the Porsche model. How were the parts made? Most of them could not have come from a plastic model kit because I have NEVER seen one that included tiny parts such as drilled brake discs and pins to hold down the hood on some cars. How do you keep yourself motivated? I once tried desperately for THREE weeks to build a highly detailed model of a Porsche 959. My goal came screeching to a halt because it was very tiring work. I stripped and repainted the body FOUR TIMES and I never was able to produce a decent looking paint job. Worse, I couldn't find a way to get detailed parts without breaking the bank. I realized that kit-bashing was the only solution but it would have made the cost soar to $80 or more! That does NOT include paint, paint brushes, paint thinner, cement, modeling putty, X-acto knives and decal solution and tons of other things needed to make the model look better.) Are there any modelers out there who can provide some tips on how to make a detailed model without breaking the bank? How do you make parts from scratch? Come on! This is an aviation page, I'm sure there are some a.netters out there who know a trick or two about making super-detailed models.

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