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Paying For Drivers

Sat Jul 03, 2004 6:38 am

Not talking golf clubs or chauffeurs.

Just been to the UMAX site to look for W2000 drivers for my U2000 scanner and I was a little surprised that there's a 2.99 Euro charge for the privilege of downloading them (25.6Mb at that). Anyone else had to pay for drivers? They've always been free to download anywhere I've been.

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RE: Paying For Drivers

Sat Jul 03, 2004 6:42 am

I have never heard of such a thing. Usually when you buy the product its kind of an unwritten contract that the company will provide you with the software to run it. Sorry to hear UMAX doesn't do that and therefore you have to pay for them. A reason not to buy their product in the future.

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