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Banned From The Pub!

Thu Jul 15, 2004 11:12 pm

Hey all,

I neeed some legal advice/expertise from all of you as some of you guys have done this more than i have.

I went to campus pub last night, out onto the patio. The benches were wet cuz it just rained, so ppl just tore off smirnoff ice posters on the side and sat on those. But the bouncer decided to pick on me. So 5 min after giving me a warning (during which i did nothing), he tells me to get out. So after a bit of talking back and ayadayadayada... i get escorted by three of them .. out the back door :P... and im told that im banned for a year. I got sooo pissed... and drunk as i wuz... i just went around again and this time i hopped the fence onto the patio (i tried the front door again but they already knew i've been banned). Newayss.... a couple of minutes later, they spotted me... and took me to the back... and a cop wrote me a ticket.

Now i dont really care about bein banned from campus pub.... it wuz a sausage fest neways.... but the flippin' ticket is $130!!!!! ITS REDICULOUS!

If this changes matterrs... i do live in ontario... adn the ticket is "an offence notice" for "reentering licenced premesis". now i want to take it to court, cuz thats my only hope of getting the fine dropped.... but i have to plead guilty (i mean.. i did hop the fence...ever1 saw :P)... what should i argue in court ?????

Thanks a billion guys,
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RE: Banned From The Pub!

Thu Jul 15, 2004 11:19 pm

They told you to stay out, you came back in, they fined you.

Why again are you going to court?
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RE: Banned From The Pub!

Thu Jul 15, 2004 11:24 pm

1) You sassed some doormen. Whether they're right or wrong, you're not going to win.

2) They threw you out and barred you for 12months.

3) You re-entered the premises, causing the police to get involved.

What exactly are you going to prove in court?
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RE: Banned From The Pub!

Fri Jul 16, 2004 2:34 am

Welcome to the world of adults. Its a world where you're supposed to follow the rules or pay the price. As stated above you have no case.
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RE: Banned From The Pub!

Fri Jul 16, 2004 6:21 pm

I have no knowledge of Canadian law (I imagine it could vary from Province to Province), but in the US, if a business owner or any agent of a business (IE: doorman, bouncer, bar tender, someone like a manager) tells a customer to leave, they really do not have to have a reason. Businesses have the right to refuse service to someone if they feel that customer is some sort of disruptive influence. They really do not have to justify a reason. In the US, depending on the state (in Indiana you probably would have been summoned for "Trespass" after you "jumped back in the business") you could have been written for any one of several things. I would be thankful I did not find my self in jail that night.
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RE: Banned From The Pub!

Fri Jul 16, 2004 11:25 pm

You should've left after being chucked out, went back the next day and apologised citing you were drunk/being silly and hope they reverse the decision. Ahh, the benefit of hindsight. Take the hit, you haven't got a case.

I would refer you to a thread posted in this forum a few days ago entitiled 'Craziest thing you have ever done'.

'Nuff said.

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