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Film For Opera Fans

Fri Jul 23, 2004 1:54 pm

I would like to recommend a film I just saw about the life of diva Maria Callas.

Titled 'Callas Forever' it tells a fictional story of the reclusive opera singer coming out of exile to make a film of the opera Carmen, using her older recordings as her voice had gone. The mythical film within a film looks fantastic and you can only wonder what might have been had such a thing been real.

I must admit to having my doubts about the quality of the story but I was pleasantly surprised by this great film. French actress Fanny Ardent playing Callas was simply brilliant and my wife and I watched it twice in a row it (and she) was so good !

Even if you don't like opera it is still a good story, well told and acted.

Anyone else seen this movie and what did you think ?
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