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Blackbird Hit My Window This Morning

Sat Aug 07, 2004 3:20 pm

I had a Blackbird called Jane (shes a regular visitor to the Garden) hit my window around 06:30am this morning.
I was half asleep, half awake when I heard this "thud" on my window, I got up thinking someone was throwing something at the glass (sounded like a tennis ball hitting the glass.)
I looked around, and no-one there, then I saw a dark brown flapping thing, all huddled up near my steps, and being into Birds a bit, I looked at the glass, and theres a puff of small feathers where she hit.
Anyway I ran downstairs and had a look at how she was (I was worried because I know shes got young, because ive seen her mate "Mike" collecting twigs/insects etc.)
Poor baby was shaking, and she was clearly distressed and scared, I got a box from my room, and lined it up with a towel as padding and left some water to drink.
Then I stroked her wing, to let her know I meant no danger and I held her (first time ive held a wild-bird), and put her in the box where she lay for 1/2 hour.
So as shes there, and me keeping a good lookout over her, I noticed another female blackbird calling out for her from the garage roof, which meant if there were any cats around, id soon hear a "warning" singing from the bird.
I rang up RSPB (not open), the Vets (Not open), RSPCA (Open finally!!!), they just told me to leave her until she flew off.
So anyway I went to check up on her, and see how she was doing, and she took-off (YAY!!), so that made me happy, she flew off back into the trees where she'll be more safe than in a plastic box.
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