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RIP: Red Adair

Sun Aug 08, 2004 7:32 pm

Paul "Red" Adiar has died of natural causes at 89

In 1959 he founded the Red Adair company in 1959, which specialized in fighting oil well fires. During his career which lasted until 1994 it is estimated that he fought over 2000 buring oil wells. At 76 he was in Kuwait capping wells that the Iraqi's had lit off after their embarrassing rout in the first gulf war.

In 1968 he was loosly portrayed by John Wayne in the movie, "Hellfighters" a nickname he had earned fighting oil well fighters.


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RE: RIP: Red Adair

Mon Aug 09, 2004 12:13 am

Red Adair is, hands down, the best firefighter ever. And he epitomized the definition of an "ornery old coot".

He'll most definitely be missed.
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RE: RIP: Red Adair

Mon Aug 09, 2004 12:27 pm

If I remember, he capped a majority of the fires Saddam's forces set in Kuwait as they scorched the earth at the end of the Gulf War.

A good man, no doubt. RIP.
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RE: RIP: Red Adair

Mon Aug 09, 2004 12:30 pm

Amazing career and person, may you rest in peace...
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RE: RIP: Red Adair

Mon Aug 09, 2004 2:58 pm

I can only assume things will be much cooler where he's going.
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