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Anyone Ever Had A Hernia Op?!

Fri Aug 20, 2004 2:58 am

hi guys,
i just had a hernia operation this morning but the method used was the private hospital method, instead of the classic method of stitching the muscle back together so the hernia no longer pertrudes out, i had the "mesh" repair where they simply put plastic mesh over the muscle to pop the bit of intestine or whatever it is back in its place...
has anyone else had this treatment? just asking because 100000s of people have hernia repairs every year so there must be someone on here who can give me advice!!
what i really want to know is apparantly the recovery time for my repair is a lot shorter than the traditional stitching method, was wondering if anyone has had a hernia op, whats the recovery time like?

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RE: Anyone Ever Had A Hernia Op?!

Fri Aug 20, 2004 3:03 pm

No, but one of my sisters friends got one while in South America. Heres the story.
Got the hernia while back packing around South America. Had to endure an 8 hour bus ride to Sao Paulo I think to fly back to Australia. After about 3 hours into the flight, the aircraft developed fuel troubles and was forced to return to Sao Paulo. After that got onto a new plane to head back to Australia after 20 hours of flying arrived in Sydney had to make a connection to Canberra for another 30 minute flight. The guy pretty much got off the plane and walked straight into the ambulence which was waiting for him to goto have it operated on

As far as I know the operation and everything was planned for him to go have it done as soon as he got off the plane.
Its one of those stories you can't help but laugh at. I'm pretty sure I missed some details but you get the drift.

Hope your feeling better after your operation.

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