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Use Of Compact Disks

Mon Aug 23, 2004 5:22 pm

I need questions answered regarding use of compact discs:

1) Is there any way to transfer cassette recordings onto a CD?

2) I put some material onto a CD ROM instead of a floppy disk recently. CDs are less likely to break down, I'd say (I recently lost my resume due to a disk suddenly becoming "not formatted"), but once I had typed some stuff and closed the file, I COULD NOT EDIT IT! Is there such a thing as a CD ROM that you can type on and EDIT like a floppy disk?
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RE: Use Of Compact Disks

Mon Aug 23, 2004 6:34 pm

1) Yes. You need to record your cassette into digital format first. That´s usually done with a software that digitizes the analog audio input and writes a WAV or AIFF file. Then burn the file(s) to a CD (most burning softwares can do the necessary conversions).

2) CD-RW disks can be re-recorded multiple times, but not exactly like a floppy disk. Handling depends on the driver software in your system. You should normally make a copy to your harddisk for editing and only update the CD when finished for the day.

CD-RWs "wear out" a little bit every time they are written to, and they are not quite as "safe" for long-time storage as CD-Rs (write-once) are.

It´s definitely a good idea to make more than one copy of your important data so you´ll have a backup when the main copy should not be usable any more.

And: Never touch the surface of a CD, except when cleaning them (carefully). Only hold it by the edge. Especially audio CDs are quite durable, but a data CD is more easily damaged (and usually more valuable).

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