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I Need Some Help Finding A CD...

Wed Sep 08, 2004 10:44 am

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone here has heard of a band called Thousand Foot Krutch.

They're based out of Ontario, here in Canada, and often tour in the Southern U.S. in Texas and California. I was looking for a CD that they produced that was BEFORE they're more-known record titled "Set it Off" released in 1999ish.

Any information on where I could find it, or if it's even still being sold anywhere would be greatly appreciated

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RE: I Need Some Help Finding A CD...

Wed Sep 08, 2004 11:37 am

Try e-mailing the band, or e-mailing the label would be my guess.
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RE: I Need Some Help Finding A CD...

Wed Sep 08, 2004 11:56 am

The album is available on Real Networks "Rhapsody" music download service. The following tracks are both 'listenable' and 'downloadable' (burnable):

1. Everyone Like Me

2. Intro

3. Puppet

4. Supafly

5. When In Doubt

6. Rhime Animal

7. Unbelievable

8. Up Comes Down

9. Come Along

10. Small Town

11. Set It Off

12. All The Way Live

13. Lift It

14. Brother John

15. Breather

16. Sweet Unknown

17. Moment of the Day

18. The Alternative Song

According to Rhapsody, "Sell it Off" was first released in 2004. The only other album they show as available for this group is: Phenomenon, released in 2003. The tracks on that CD are:

1. Phenomenon

2. Step To Me

3. Last Words

4. This Is A Call

5. Rawkfist

6. Faith, Love And Happiness

7. I Climb

8. Quicken

9. New Design

10. Bounce

11. Ordinary

12. Break The Silence

You can learn more about Rhapsody or subscribe at:


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