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Computer/reinstall Help Please

Wed Sep 15, 2004 4:57 pm

Hello there!

I bought myself a new notebook last weekend and until now I'm quite satisfied with it.
Only thing is, when I have a new computer I always start from scratch. I wipe out everything on the harddisk and install everything by myself. That isn't very difficult with Windows 98 which I'm pretty much used to.
But this is the first time I have a computer running under Windows XP. I didn't get a Windows CD-ROM with my notebook but I've been told the complete software should be somewhere hidden on my hardddisk.
I also would like to divide my 40 GB harddisk into 2 partitions.
I don't have a diskdrive but I can still use my old computer to burn FDISK on CD and make it bootable. Is that something that would work out?

Your advise please!  Big thumbs up

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RE: Computer/reinstall Help Please

Wed Sep 15, 2004 11:22 pm

A few things.....does the notebook have the product ID with the XP serial number on it? You will need it for a reinstall.
Look on the hard drive for a directory called I386, that's the typical name for the folder the files are in for an XP reinstall.
If the laptop has a system restore disk, the files may be on that as well.
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RE: Computer/reinstall Help Please

Thu Sep 16, 2004 5:09 am

1. If you are satisfied with your current system, why change anything? Never touch a running system! You only will get into trouble!

2. I hardly doubt that FDISK from Win98 will work together with XP, because XP isn't DOS based anymore.

3. If you delete (reformat) your HDD completely and you want to install XP again then you need a bootable XP CD. Otherwise you will have a problem. Maybe you can burn the XP software from your HDD on a CD.

4. XP brings his own partitioning tool. After installing XP you can easily divide your HDD in different partitions. Take a Google search and you will find some good step-by-step workshops regarding partitioning.

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