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Possible New Aclu Lawsuits

Fri Oct 01, 2004 8:56 am

Any sane, rational person by know knows that the ACLU has gone so far off the deep end that they are totally out of touch with reality and common sense.

So instead of bitching and moaning about their latest dumbass lawsuit (since it seems pretty clear they aren't going away), let's give them some new ideas for lawsuits...and laugh at them.

And if any of them actually happen, give them a taste of their own medicine and sue them for stealing our ideas!

Here's what I can suggest....please feel free to add on. I know some of you are really creative:

1. Sue "Big Brothers and Big Sisters".

This is clearly very sexist and discriminitory. By putting "brothers" first, they are conveying the outdated mindset of male dominance. It's time they made up for that gender discrimination by renaming themselves "Big Sisters and Big Brothers".

Or better yet, why not change it to simply "Big Siblings"?

What if someone wants to be a "big _____" to some poor disinfranchised kid? Why does a male have to be a brother? What if he's gay? He should not have to be forced to carry that "macho" title if he is not so inclined?

Think about it.

2. Sue all the supermarkets to change the warnings on shopping carts

You know what I'm talking about? The drawings on the "kid seat" that folds up that shows a mother and child, and the mom looking the other way, or the kid standing, with the circle and slash through it?

How DARE they imply that 1) it's the mother who is doing the menial task of shopping and 2) suggest that they might be irresponsible parents. We need to throw in some fatherly warnings as well.

3. Sue the US Federal Reserve Board and demand that "In God We Trust" immediately be removed from all coins and currency and immediately recall all such stamped coins and bills from circulation.

'Nuff said.

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