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Honda Odyssey: Why No AWD?

Sat Oct 02, 2004 2:45 pm

I was wondering if or when Honda will have AWD Odyssey. Given the Sienna comes with AWD, why doesn't Honda have one? Can't they use the same component/system as the Pilot/MDX? Or do they think an AWD Odyssey wil hurt Pilot/MDX sales?
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RE: Honda Odyssey: Why No AWD?

Sat Oct 02, 2004 2:58 pm

Probably because of packaging constraints. With the underfloor storage in the 2nd row you can't fit a driveshaft to the rear wheels. Same thing with the 2005 Grand Caravan and T&C with stow and go.
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RE: Honda Odyssey: Why No AWD?

Sun Oct 03, 2004 2:15 am

Besides the limited space, you have to realize that what an odyssey is, is a MINIVAN...

There's no real reason to put an AWD system in the damn thing, you're not going off-roading in it, and it's not a performance built vehicle.

The minivan's primary use is to haul people... for larger sized families.
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