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US Citizens Overseas: Please Read

Sat Oct 09, 2004 4:51 am

Dear all,

This is not an election thread! I am only spreading some valuable information for the exercise of the franchisment. I am not making an appeal to vote for B or K (people who know me whom I favor), but it is not important here! I am only spreading some info.. (AFAIK it is not too late to register yet btw)

The absentee ballot system (state-based) is often screwed up. It happened to friends of mine that Ballots have not arrived or arrived to late. I am in contact with American Organizations in Berlin here, who asked me to spread the following information:

if your ballot does not arrive in time (latest two weeks before the date), there is a possibility of obtaining a federal write-in ballot. It is a blank ballot which can be used for every state... I just quote the words of the person I was in contact with for your convenience:

You could help by spreading the word about the Federal Write-In Ballots to any other US citizens you know who live overseas. Many people don't know about them and may be waiting too long to get their ballots for them to arrive in time (in a few states they even need to arrive before election day). I would definitely recommend sending the ballot by registered mail with confirmation of receipt.

AFAIK these ballots are available in embassies or the election service...

People, I am not a big fan of our system and do not really believe it can be changed even by vote.. but please... vote this time! The questions are of interest not only for the US, but for the rest of the world.. probably the most important elections.

The only thing I wanted to do is to inform you about what to do if your ballot does not arrive in time... that does not mean you can't vote, you only need to get these federal write-in ballots, which are good for every state. Thanks

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