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Kudos, What Are You Thankful Of?

Wed Oct 20, 2004 7:33 pm

In the latest edition of Wild Blue Yonder the inflight magazine for Frontier Airlines they have a new section called Kudos
From the magazine is says, Kudos, A forum that recognizes, appreciates and praises all the good things that make the world a better place. It's not about giving Frontier a pat on the back"so why is the first comment about how good Frontier is" - it's about other people who deserve it.

From the Sept/Oct issue has the following interesting comments.

Thanks to the universe for my good health, my bicycle-and Colorado-where I enjoy them all to the max!

Thank you to the person who invented the "undo" command on the computer.  Smile

I'd like to tell my husband, who is a business traveler on your airline, one very important thing: hey honey, I'm pregnant!  Nuts

I would like to thank god for chocolate.

ok some of my own

I would like to thank the person who invented Aspirin, helps get rid of man flu, and other ailments.

I should write in and thank the Johan for creating  Big thumbs up

So what would you add.

Kudos, who say that word and thought of the user Singapore_Air
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