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A Message To Arifu Gobakuwi - (it's Civil)

Fri Nov 05, 2004 3:52 am

At the risk of this post being deleted, I just wanted to say something to Arifu Gobakuwi. His post was deleted due to it's content. But.....

Arifu Gobakuwi,

First of all, the United States in not against Islam. Religious freedom was the founding basis of this country. It's Islamic extremists that we have a problem with. And don't kid yourself, Islam isn't the only religion with fanatic extremists. The problem is that these terrorists have been killing in the name of Allah. Now I don't know much about Islam, but isn't Allah a peace loving God? The problem is that Americans, and other nationalities, are strongly associating Islam with terrorism. I personally consider that a tragedy. But when you make statements as you did in your initial post, respect is the very last thing you will get from us. You really want to get our attention? Get the extremists to adopt a peaceful philosophy. Take a look in the mirror Arifu Gobakuwi, you may find the problem staring right back at you.

P.S. I personally have a problem with you because I don't think your credible. For one thing, where the heck is Fegoukagaoubitunkeneke?

Regards Arifu

Moderators, I understand if you have to take action with this post as well. It could get out of hand quickly.

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RE: A Message To Arifu Gobakuwi - (it's Civil)

Fri Nov 05, 2004 7:40 am

I just did a quick search on " Fegoukagaoubitunkeneke" and couldn't find anything... in Yahoo!, Google, or AltaVista.
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