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KC Vs. Pats My Prediction

Tue Nov 23, 2004 9:58 am

I am a die hard Chief Fan and it's been a hard 20 years of let downs. This season is no different BUT I'll never get off the bandwagon!

Arguably, the Chiefs have the best O-Line ever assembled but it never seems enough with the under performing D. They have managed to improve the defense but it's not like the 1990's!

Here is how I think tonight’s game will go down. The Chiefs will come out firing quickly offensively. The game will be very high scoring because the Chiefs are going to take big chances on defense.

They will rush the golden boy and bring it often but Brady will get off some long balls. They will be in the face of Brady and he will throw 4-5 touchdown passes but will be pressured all night. The Pat’s will get no rushing touchdowns and will run paltry 80-90 yards on the ground. The Pat’s will get 350-400 yards passing tonight BUT there will be 2 INT’s and this is where the game will go the Chiefs direction.

The Chiefs are going to take chances on both sides of the ball tonight. As long as Trent Green doesn’t get behind by more than 2 touchdowns this will be a huge shootout. At 106-108 db’s the stadium will be like standing in front of a CFM-56 at full power!

Blaylock will be the key and they will use Gonzalez more than usual. Look for some trick plays on offense early and anticipate a quick 21-7 KC lead going into halftime.

The Chiefs really suck in the second half and the defense tires early. They will need those key interceptions after the half, at which point the Chiefs will begin to run the ball. Blaylock will get the bulk of the duty but Dante and Jarry Johnson will also see action behind Trent Green.

This will be an upset and I am calling the game 41-35 Chiefs.
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RE: KC Vs. Pats My Prediction

Tue Nov 23, 2004 11:52 pm

Nice job, Techrep.

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RE: KC Vs. Pats My Prediction

Tue Nov 23, 2004 11:56 pm

hmmmmm, That's a shame!

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