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The Rebel Billionaire

Thu Nov 25, 2004 11:20 am

I was tied up last Tuesday to watch the 1st episode of The Rebel Billionaire, but did see last nights which centered around Sir Richards property in South Africa. Maybe because I admire Sir Richard, perhaps admiring Virgin over all the years, but this show truly rocks!

As the show progressed, we had some nice flying aboard a DC-9 (I think! As opposed to other DC/MD variations) and what appeared to be a Caravan, my mind started wondering about the man that I would love to sit down with for 3 or 4 hours over dinner and talk aviation: Sir Richard Branson or my other favorite, John Travolta.

Any takers with a clear cut winner of the 2?
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RE: The Rebel Billionaire

Thu Nov 25, 2004 2:44 pm

I'd take a dinner with Branson over Travolta...reason being, the airplanes that Travolta has or has had, are nice, but what Branson's done in life, piloting the balloons, for instance, and what Branson wants to still accomplish, would make much more interesting conversation...

Yes it was a DC-9 by the way, ZS-TGL, from last week's show and into this week. The Caravan, from memory, was ZS-THR. I thought I saw a second reg. used, but -THR was the one they flew out of the reserve on.

My two cents..
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RE: The Rebel Billionaire

Thu Nov 25, 2004 3:26 pm

Im sorry, but i really didn't like the show at all. I gave it the first episode to impress, but i always had a feeling that this is just a cheap copy of The Apprentice, which is still way more interesting to watch.
As for Travolta, if it meant flying in his 707 over meeting SRB i would take it anyday, how can any of you not want to fly such a majestic beauty-classic???
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