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Good Job If You Can Get It!

Thu Nov 25, 2004 7:04 pm

It was reported yesterday that staff on the London Underground (Subway system) will have fifty-two (52) days off a year, excluding weekends!

Transport for London, which runs the system, said a new thirty-five (35) hour work week had been negotiated under which staff will be on duty for 37.5 hours , and then "roll up" the extra 2.5 hours into additonal rest days.

The 7,200 station staff would gain nine further rest days to add to their previous six, plus 29 days annual leave and eight bank holidays, giving them an overall entitlement of 52 days or 10 and a half working weeks!

Station supervisors are paid £35K ($60K) annually, while assistants are on £20K ($36K) a year.

This is just plane crazy!

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