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Who's The Biggest Waste Of Space?

Wed Dec 01, 2004 2:39 pm

I was just curious as to which member of a.net you guys think is the biggest "dead weight"? I.e. Someone who talks a lot, is well known, but contributes virtually no meaningful contributions to the discussions? Perhaps a mindless 13-year old armchair CEO or a loudmouth who loves to hear themselves speak? Who really gets on your nerves?

And if any of you want to nominate me, feel free. I'm fair game as much as anyone else. But please everyone, no matter who you nominate, try to back up your comments with some sort of evidence; exactly what your nominee is not doing.

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RE: Who's The Biggest Waste Of Space?

Wed Dec 01, 2004 3:47 pm

This thread is overstepping the mark - while some people will take it with good humour, others will be offended. No user should be made to feel unwelcome by any other member, and I am afraid that this is what this thread is about. It's a fact of life that you will get on with some people, and be annoyed to no end by others. We ask you to deal with it, keep it civilised, and if you have a problem with someone else, either leave it be (it's not hard), or if it is serious problem, bring it to the attention of the moderators so we can deal with it in the proper manner.

Please do not start these sorts of threads again in the future.

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