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I Have To Give A Christmas Party Speech

Sat Dec 04, 2004 3:41 am

I am by no means the CEO of my company but our CEO; head of Human Resources and department Vice Presidents all will be in attendance for the annual company Christmas Party. I have been tasked to give the main speech, since the party is being thrown at my station.

I am already a little nervous and the party is not till tomorrow! I have a lead-in joke and I will end the speech with a small candid poem but it’s the body of the speech that’s giving me difficulty.

Please give me some ideas about what to talk about. Should I talk about this years achievements within the company, employee distinctions, war, peace, or keep the speech about the my station only?

If you know of some good resources or prepared speeches, give me a link so I may get some ideas.

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RE: I Have To Give A Christmas Party Speech

Sat Dec 04, 2004 5:06 am

Keep it brief and on point. Whenever I had to do any public speaking I kept one rule in my mind: The less rope you take, the less you have to hang yourself with. Meaning, the less you talk, the less the chance of looking foolish.

So get up, crack a GOOD joke, thank eveyone for a year well done, suck up a small bit, and close with something wishing well to those who are overseas, protecting our right to all be together, right now...

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RE: I Have To Give A Christmas Party Speech

Sat Dec 04, 2004 6:44 pm

With eye contact, do not look ar a person straight in the eye, look at an object or somthing that is not living in the vicinity of the audience. This will make you look like you are eye contacting them but it actual eases the pressure when you are not looking at someone directly.

Just a thought - Thank everyone from A.NET for their on going support etc...  Big grin

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