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Songs You Are Not Listeining To

Thu Dec 09, 2004 4:56 am

Portland has a huge club scene. There are a number of clubs playing small and indy rock bands on any given weekend. But, also, because of radio stations playing the same tired music over and over again, we don't really hear much of anything else in the States. Some CDs are also next to impossible to find here too.

So, what are some groups or songs you are listening to that are not being heard on the radio? What CDs do you have that should be shared with others around the world?

For me: I am still a big fan of Caater (from Estonia). I have been listeining to them for about 3 years. I have just discovered a group called Safri Duo. I think they are from Denmark. Also, Kristine W I think is a good singer and even from this country. Pasco, Washington to be exact, yet I never hear anything by her on the radio! I heard a duo at a bar in Salt Lake City called St John the Baptist. I like them too and have been looking for them to play the bars in Portland.

Some selected titles:

Eighty Degrees by Caater
Rise by Safri Duo
Fly Again by Kristine W

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