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Speech Reversal?

Wed Jan 05, 2005 8:36 am

Speech reversal has occured in many songs by many bands, but I'm wondering if it occurs in this song I have in mind.

It is a song by POD (Payable On Death) called "Guitarres De Amor". It is a purely instrumental acoustic guitar playing song, with mumbling/gibberish in the background. I tried to reverse it by recording it on a generic cheap computer mic, and then reversing it on the standard Windows Sound Recorder, although I couldn't capture the right frequency, or get a good sound quality.

I was wondering if anybody knows the STORY behind this song, or has tried to reverse it themselves. I caught a couple words from it and it sounded like the verses in the bible that goes "Love is patient, Love is kind, Love does not hate, etc.,etc.,". Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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RE: Speech Reversal?

Wed Jan 05, 2005 8:40 am

I know who POD is, I like some of their stuff. Yet I haven't heard of this lyric reversal. Let me get the vinyl version, throw it on the player and spin it....BTW, pass the bong this way when you're done....cool
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