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Just In The Nick(name) Of Time!

Mon Jan 24, 2005 1:36 pm

Greetings ya'll!

It's now time to share you personal nickname. Mine is Sparky, given to me by a less-than-brilliant grocery store maintenance man who (for some odd reason), thought my name was Sparky. I love going by it though, cause I (coincidently) am very fond of Peanuts creator Charles Schulz, who of course also went by Sparky.

So....your nicknames....anyone and everyone, please fire away!

Cheers -
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RE: Just In The Nick(name) Of Time!

Mon Jan 24, 2005 1:58 pm

I shoot well,My Buddies used to call me HAWK [ie Eye of a hawk].When I was Signing up for Email,since Hawk was not available,one option provided was HAWK21M & it stuck.
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RE: Just In The Nick(name) Of Time!

Mon Jan 24, 2005 2:10 pm

Honestly i have so many nicknames...i couldnt list them all

But the one im called the most is Vinnie...long story. It has to do with a pretzle and a woman i used to work for

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RE: Just In The Nick(name) Of Time!

Mon Jan 24, 2005 3:46 pm

I shoot well

Hawk, do you target shoot? With a bow or a rifle/handgun?

Anyways...people call me "Rolly"...you know that fat pup in the Disney cartoon, 101 Dalmatians Big grin

I love it...I'm a bit chubby myself  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
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RE: Just In The Nick(name) Of Time!

Wed Jan 26, 2005 3:20 am

"JR" as it's my initials. A coworker once called me (jokingly) "Slacky McJerkoff" because I was sitting at my desk with my feet propped up on it, and did nothing at work due to a computer issue, and that stuck in my workplace for years. I thought it was pretty good, actually.

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